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Waiting to Exceed Your Expectations

Through our decades of experience navigating the shipping routes in Michigan and throughout the country, we’ve developed the most streamlined, efficient means to safely deliver your cargo as swiftly as possible. Instead of stopping to take on more deliveries, or moving your shipment from truck to truck, our expedited teams will pack up your cargo once, then deliver it straight to its destination. You can set the exact date and time that your cargo will arrive. Simply call Matrix Expedited Service today, and experience the difference that seamless shipping systems can make in your company’s functionality. We understand the pressure you face to meet customer demand and make up for time lost, which is why we’re here to make shipping challenges easier for you and your staff.

We know that the best way to keep our business hopping is to deliver every shipment exactly when promised. Furthermore, we hold ourselves to the highest safety and customer care standards.

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