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Why Truck Drivers in the Flint Michigan Area Drive for Matrix

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

The best way to understand why Drivers are choosing Matrix Expedited Service is to hear from the drivers themselves!


Hi, my name is Michelle, and I've been with Matrix now going on two years. One of the things that I love most about being a team driver is that you always have someone with you. It makes the job a little bit easier. Team drive with Brian. We enjoy driving together.


You get to see the country a little bit as you're going across. You get to see how different Texas is from Michigan, for example. I've been with the company going on four years now and I started off when they had the vans going, little trans vans. I actually stepped up to the box truck service that they have now. When I first started, I was like, "do I really want to step up to one of the trucks?" But then you get in it and drive it, it's like, what are you worried about? This is pretty easy once you get the handle of it. It's like driving your car, but only bigger.


Hi, I'm Brooke, I've been with Matrix for almost six years. I am a tractor driver. I started out as a class B straight truck driver until I got some experience and I currently train new drivers. What I like the most about Matrix is they are very family oriented.


I'm very confident that if we had small children at home while doing the job that we do, that they would make sure that family is first. That's one of the things that the owners have always preached to us is family first. When you need your home time, they give you your home time. Dispatch makes sure that you're running. There's never a delay. They open communicate with you with anything.


When I need time off, I fill out a time off request and submit it. They try to give you the time off you need when you need it. I've been with Matrix nine and a half years and before that I was in the military. I served 23 years in the Air Force and retired. Then got into truck driving as a second career.


It's a very friendly, warm work environment. All the dispatchers, management. Everybody knows the drivers knows our names, knows us on sight just coming into work, going to the driver's window. It's very welcoming. Everybody greets you with a smile. They're very concerned to make sure the drivers have what we need to do our job and do it safely from paperwork to safety gear. It's all provided to us.


One of the other bonuses that stuck out to us when I was choosing to come on as a team driver was the medical benefits that they offered. At the time we still had young children at home and making sure that they were covered and their healthcare costs was something that was still affordable for us was a deciding factor for both of us to come together and make this our new career.

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