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Unfailing Dedication

Thanks to the extensive experience we have navigating shipping routes, our systems and processes are streamlined to meet the needs of producers like you. Despite the shipment challenges you’re facing, you only need three key pieces of information when you first call: tell us what you’re delivering, where you need it to be delivered, and of course—the deadline we’re going to beat.

We come highly recommended by Michigan automotive producers. When they have a shipment that has to reach its destination either that day, or even early the following day, they call us. Matrix Expedited is trusted thanks to our efficient, fully reliable shipping routes, our high safety standards, and our unfailing dedication to customer service. 

Don’t let a deadline cause you to lose a client’s trust. As a business, your reputation is your most valuable asset. Matrix Expedited Service is standing by. Call today, and our expedited carriers will show you why we are the shipping team Michigan manufacturers trust.

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