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Matrix is the just-in-time (JIT) trucking company Michigan automotive suppliers and manufacturers trust to deliver their critical shipments at precisely the perfect moment.  Matrix Expedited Services works with distributors and manufacturing plants to move just-in-time shipments harmoniously.  Knowing that storing vehicles and automotive parts is cumbersome and costly, which means perfectly-timed deliveries are central to your operation’s long-term success.

Matrix Expedited Service’s just-in-time deliveries will benefit your company by:

  • Reducing your monthly storage costs

  • Giving you access to our decades of experience crafting customized shipment routes

  • Connecting you to your shipment’s location and ETA at all times, and

  • Allowing you to streamline your receiving staffing allocations


At Matrix Expedited Service, we know our streamlined shipping processes and GPS tracking are only part of our success; in fact, our professional, courteous drivers are our greatest asset. We know we can fully depend on them to usher your valuable automotive shipments from door to door, adhering to strict safety standards at each stage of transport. 


Our many Just-in-Time services include:

  • Just-in-Time freight shipment services

  • Expedited freight and delivery services

  • Time definite delivery services


By choosing a local trucking company, Michigan manufacturers are able to facilitate expedited shipments with minimal disruption to their normal processes. When you require just-in-time delivery, it can be difficult to get what you need from a national chain.


The Best Expedited Service Solutions are Local

The best expedited service solutions are local, and we are proud to present no exception to this rule. Matrix Expedited has an established fleet powered by highly-trained automotive trucking professionals ready to be dispatched to any Michigan component factory or assembly plant today. 

Do you need a quote for just-in-time deliveries or expedited service here in Michigan? Call us right away to discover the Matrix Expedited difference. Choose us once, and we believe you’ll recommend us again and again.

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