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Keeping Employees Safe

“There is more than freight in our trucks” is more than a catchy Matrix slogan, it's a guiding principle. Because employee safety is a top priority, we want to share some of the procedures Matrix is taking in response to Covid-19.

In preparing to bring our Matrix family back to work in these unprecedented times, we want to ensure you nothing is more important than keeping our facility and vehicles clean and employees safe. Matrix is focused on taking the necessary steps and created an informed plan that will allow employees to come back to Matrix with peace of mind.

We routinely sanitize the exterior of the building, the office, the driver's room, the doors, the hallways, the restrooms, the mechanic’s shop and the accounting trailer. Additionally all Matrix employees will be provided a mask, gloves and hand sanitizer on their return so they can perform their job safely.

Both the interior and exterior of the vehicles where employees drive have been carefully cleaned and fogged with required Covid-19 sanitizer, as an extra safe guard. Driver’s handles, steering wheel, windshield, seat and the major touch points around the exterior of the vehicle have been given special attention while sanitizing. We want to ensure you nothing is more important than the health and safety of our Matrix family and no detail will be overlooked as we build a thoughtful plan to return.

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