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Matrix Expedited Service is ready around the clock to make sure your shipment arrives without a delay. Often, customers are looking for the best expedited carriers when they’ve experienced a glitch in their project plans. If your factory or plant is running behind just when it matters most, let Matrix Expedited Service step in to remove any obstacles or potential delays and deliver your valuable cargo just in time.

Our shipping routes and in-house processes have been designed and refined around the needs of shippers who are faced with steep expedited freight deadlines. When you call, you may have only three pieces of information: the shipment, the destination, and the deadline—and that’s a great start. From there, we’ll talk you through a short series of questions, then tell you exactly how we’re going to meet your shipping needs.

We work with Michigan automotive manufacturers who often need expedited carriers when they have freight that must be delivered either the same day or by early the next day. They call Matrix Expedited Service because our shipping routes have been carefully streamlined to rush shipments safely and with absolute reliability.

Once you’ve handed a shipment to Matrix Expedited Service, you can rest assured it will move along these shipping lines to its destination no later than the time we’ve guaranteed. Perhaps you’re the type to keep an eye on things yourself, and you can do just so with our minute-to-minute GPS tracking systems.


Ready Around the Clock

If your company moves automotive parts to or from Michigan, you already know you must have trustworthy, just-in-time shipment professionals you can call when your back is against a deadline. To find out how we can help you today, contact us right now. Let us give you a quote and get your product moving. We pledge to solve your shipment problem this time and every time. 

Expedited Delivery Company

When you need an outstanding expedited delivery company to step in and solve a sudden shipping dilemma, there’s no team in Michigan better than ours at Matrix Expedited Service. We eliminate the complication and hassle other companies are infamous for, ensuring that your fast-tracked shipment will arrive precisely on time. 

Is Matrix Expedited Service the expedited delivery company for you? Read on to learn more about this specialized type of shipping service, then contact us to schedule your rapid pickup.

Q: How is expedited shipping different than regular transit methods? 

A: Our expedited shipping teams move your shipment directly from pickup to the delivery destination without making stops for other deliveries along the way or taking overnight stops for rest. 


Q: How much time can my company save by choosing expedited service?

A: Expedited service eliminates at least one full day (and often two) when compared to standard shipping. 


Q: Will my expedited delivery be trackable?
A: Yes! Our expedited deliveries are tracked by our reliable tracking systems, ensuring that whatever your chosen rate of speed, you can count on up-to-the-minute tracking data from Matrix Expedited Service.


Q: Why is expedited shipping more expensive?
A: While Matrix Expedited Service is proud of our competitive rates, rapid shipping methods will always cost more when compared to standard shipping. 

Rapid Shipping Time

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In addition to the truck we’ll fully dedicate to your shipment, we must recognize that our expedited team will work tirelessly to move your shipment as rapidly as possible. We guarantee that they’ll be on time, every time, without sacrificing their safety or the integrity of your valuable cargo. We think they deserve good pay for this outstanding work, and we hope you do, too.

To speak directly to a member of our staff, contact us today. We’re here, ready to get your shipment on its way right now!

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