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Our dedicated freight services can be the final step in delivering vehicles to market. Matrix Expedited Service is ideally located right here in Michigan, so our dedicated freight services can be available to your factory, plant, or assembly line. 

When it comes to delivering valuable automobile components and completed vehicles, dedicated freight services boast the best safety records in the business and eliminate the expensive delays and holding charges other methods may incur.

When you hire Matrix Expedited Service, know that we don’t parcel out your business to other contractors who may not specialize in automotive transit. Instead, you can feel confident knowing your cargo moves along our dedicated chain of dedicated freight drivers who work exclusively for us—and hold to our high standards.


Safety, efficiency, and attention to detail are the cornerstone principles around which we have designed our systems of freight movement, distribution, and delivery. We recognize that the automotive industry requires us to exhibit the same flawless precision in our partnerships with them that drivers, in turn, expect in the vehicles they ultimately purchase. 

We keep the needs of auto manufacturers, dealers, and consumers at the forefront as we continue to evolve our methods in response to modern markets. We know you need round-the-clock access to updates on your shipment’s ETA and location along the route, so we employ cutting-edge satellite tracking with every shipment. Modern buyers want unprecedented, rapid turnaround times on their shipments, too—and we’re here to make it happen. 

Think of Matrix Expedited Service, too, when you’re faced with those stressful last-minute deliveries that must be delivered at lightning speed. We’ll move rapidly to take responsibility for your shipment. By moving it along our efficient, dedicated freight lines, we guarantee the most efficient and safety-first service. 

Delivered at Lightning Speed

Expedited Company

By the time you’re looking for an expedited company to move automotive parts, you may have experienced a glitch in your original plans. Whether your anticipated delivery date has been moved up, or your original shipping company has let you down, you can no longer wait for a standard delivery. 

Expedited Company.jpg

No matter the reason for your call, Matrix Expedited Service is standing by, ready to move your shipment on time, always damage-free. Our team of friendly, highly skilled expedited drivers will use reliable, efficient routes to usher your delivery to its destination.

While, in general, expedited company services do cost a bit more than standard shipping methods, Matrix Expedited Service offers outstanding customer care and cutting-edge technologies to give you the best experience at a competitive price.

Whether your delivery is a single shipment of automotive parts or a huge shipment of various types of items, we guarantee the same level of careful handling and customer service.  

When the date and time of delivery are your top priority, you’re going to want us to keep careful watch over your shipment’s movement. We are proud to offer tracking of each truck, ensuring that we have our eye on your cargo at each stage of its journey. 

Our drivers are hired right here in Michigan. Automotive culture is central to many of our communities; that’s why no one understands the intricacies of automotive shipping better than our team of expedited professionals. From pickup and loading to safe delivery, rest assured: your products are in the best of hands.

Expedite with confidence

Expedite with confidence through Matrix Expedited Service this time, and we’re sure you’re going to choose us for all of your future expedited delivery needs. There’s no time to spare - call today. 

When you call us, please have the dimensions, weight, pickup location, and delivery destination ready along with the required delivery date, and our expert shipping coordinators will begin plotting the most efficient route immediately.

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