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When time is what matters most, it’s time to call Matrix Expedited Service. Choosing us as your expedited trucking company means you’ll have the full backing of our extensive network of fully-customizable shipping methods and routes. Whether you are ready to ship metal parts, fragile items, or have found yourself in need of urgent shipping because your usual carrier has let you down once again, Matrix Expedited Service fully guarantees that our services will meet your needs.

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Moving your shipment at lightning speed is only part of what sets us apart from our competition. Our dedication to safety, customer care, and our use of GPS tracking systems will complete your experience. We’ll keep a close eye on your shipment from the moment it’s loaded until it’s safely delivered; ensuring that there are zero delays.

Our methods, routes, and safety measures have been developed over the many years we’ve served our clients. We put the full strength of our combined experience into every shipment. Our goal is to keep every shipment just as important to us as it is to you, so you can fully relax, knowing that your business’s products are in the best of hands.

If you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in need of an expedited trucking company, contact us right now. Tell us what you need to move, where it needs to go, and when it needs to arrive. We will create a fully customized shipping route that will enable us to deliver your cargo on time without sacrificing any aspects of security, shipment safety, or customer care.

Dedicated to Safety, Customer Care and Cutting-Edge Tracking

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We’re confident that once you’ve decided to work with us, you’ll call on us time and again when you have a shipment that must be expedited immediately. Contact us today; when you’re ready to expedite, we know you have no time to spare.

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