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Matrix Expedited Service is ready around the clock to make sure your shipment arrives without a delay. Often, customers are looking for the best expedited carriers when they’ve experienced a glitch in their project plans. If your factory or plant is running behind just when it matters most, let Matrix Expedited Service step in to remove any obstacles or potential delays and deliver your valuable cargo just in time.

Our shipping routes and in-house processes have been designed and refined around the needs of shippers who are faced with steep expedited freight deadlines. When you call, you may have only three pieces of information: the shipment, the destination, and the deadline—and that’s a great start. From there, we’ll talk you through a short series of questions, then tell you exactly how we’re going to meet your shipping needs.

We work with Michigan automotive manufacturers who often need expedited carriers when they have freight that must be delivered either the same day or by early the next day. They call Matrix Expedited Service because our shipping routes have been carefully streamlined to rush shipments safely and with absolute reliability.

Once you’ve handed a shipment to Matrix Expedited Service, you can rest assured it will move along these shipping lines to its destination no later than the time we’ve guaranteed. Perhaps you’re the type to keep an eye on things yourself, and you can do just so with our minute-to-minute GPS tracking systems.


Ready Around the Clock

If your company moves automotive parts to or from Michigan, you already know you must have trustworthy, just-in-time shipment professionals you can call when your back is against a deadline. To find out how we can help you today, contact us right now. Let us give you a quote and get your product moving. We pledge to solve your shipment problem this time and every time. 

Expedited LTL

Matrix Expedited Service offers an array of expedited LTL (less than truckload) tools to help your company manage your midsize shipments. When your delivery needs change quickly, our flexible tools allow us to pivot swiftly and direct your automotive supplies as required. 


Under usual shipping situations, your company doubtless depends on loading trucks efficiently, which means the truck is filled to capacity as often as possible. 

However, every so often, you may receive an order that must be filled, but is too large to be bundled with other shipments. This delivery dilemma can be easily handled by Matrix Expedited Service using our expedited LTL offerings. 


If your company is dealing with a large, or heavy delivery that must arrive by tomorrow or the next day, LTL is the solution you’re looking for. 


Our LTL options are available at a variety of price points; when you call, let’s discuss your parcel, its destination, your time constraints, and your budget. We’ll help you find the shipping option that’s ideal for you, then begin the shipping process right away.


While your LTL delivery makes its way to its destination, we’ll keep an eye on its progress via our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system. You can check in, too; for peace of mind, watching as your valuable delivery is safely handed off just can’t be beat.


Despite the time constraints you’re facing, our fleet of experienced shipping professionals are prepared around the clock, ready to handle your most stressful shipping challenges.

Prepared Around the Clock

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When you’re in a bind, we know you want experience, skill, and dedication on your team. Matrix Expedited Service only employs the most professional, experienced drivers to handle your shipments. We trust them with our reputation, and we are proud to say that you can, too.


Don’t let an unexpected shipping development throw a wrench in your company’s operations. Instead, reach out to Matrix Expedited Service today. 

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