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When you’re in need of an expedited freight company, you have no time to spare. Whether you’re an assembly plant in need of emergency parts or a manufacturer whose usual shipping options have let you down, Matrix Expedited Service is here to guarantee the rapid, safe delivery of your valuable cargo.

By Choosing Matrix Expedited Service, you’ll be connected to our vast network of skilled delivery professionals whose ability to deliver goods at lightning speed is surpassed only by our dedication to safe driving practices and outstanding customer care. We are incredibly proud of our staff, and we know you’ll appreciate their work as much as we do.

In order to deliver your most time-sensitive shipments, we offer a full array of flexible, fully-customizable shipping options that eliminate the delays that accompany usual freight logistics. Instead, we will rapidly create a shipping route that is tailored to your needs. We will immediately put your shipment into motion, no matter the size or content of the cargo, and deliver it on time, safely—without exception.

If your dynamic with your current shipping company simply isn’t cutting it, our expedited freight company is here to help. You will be able to fully relax, knowing your cargo is being handled with utmost care and efficiency. Furthermore, our cutting-edge tracking technologies mean that you’ll be able to witness your shipment as it is transported; from loading to delivery, you’ll know where your freight is at all times.

Making Deliveries Not Excuses

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If you’re ready to work with a freight company that makes deliveries, not excuses, contact Matrix Expedited Service today. Tell us what you need to transport, when you need it delivered, and we’ll execute your customized shipping route instantly. We know meeting your shipping commitments is essential to your success. Call us when you’re nearly out of time; we are here to make your transport plan happen.

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