Matrix Driving Academy FAQs

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​Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How long is the Matrix Academy?


A: The Matrix Driving Academy is 3 weeks long and consists of 120 hours of instruction.

2. What would my out of pocket cost be? 


A:The out of pocket cost to our students would be as low as $2600.00 dollars.  This amount is based on the use of the sign on bonus towards tuition and low weekly payment via payroll deduction after training is complete. Talk to a recruiter for complete details. 

3.  Can I train for either CDL B or CDL A is so is there a cost deference? 


A: There is no difference in cost for the two, we train everyone to the CDL A standard to accommodate those students who originally wanted CLD B however have changed their minds.

4.  Will the Matrix Academy help me with employment after school is complete?

A: After you have completed the Matrix Driving Academy you will start your employment right away. No running around trying to find someone to hire you with no experience because you already have a driving job with Matrix Expedited Service for.

5. So what’s the catch to the tuition assistance for the Matrix Driving Academy?

A: The only stipulation to the tuition assistance for the Matrix Driving Academy is that you commit to stay employed with Matrix Expedited Service for a minimum of 1 year after training has been completed.  Leaving the company prior to that 1 year period may result in full tuition repayment (speak with recruiter for full details).