Matrix and Back to the Bricks Go Back a Decade

Matrix Expedited Service helped transport the automotive industry icon statues to their beautiful display in Automotive Pioneer Plaza. We have also been a platinum sponsor of Back to the Bricks for ten years running, and are proud to be a part of Flint's biggest weekend. For more information about sponsorship of Back to the Bricks visit their website, you'll find more information on the icon statues there as well.

Matrix Gives Back with Operation Good Cheer

Operation Good Cheer is a great, long-running charity initiative that provides children in foster care with Christmas presents. That's why Matrix Expedited Service has happily provided a truck and trailer to assist in the delivery of those Christmas presents for ten consecutive years. You can find more information about Operation Good Cheer at

Matrix Expedited Service is a Proud Sponsor of Toys for Tots

Matrix Expedited has been a proud sponsor of the Annual Toys for Tots golf outing for 7 consecutive years. Matrix has also provided a truck and trailer to help deliver Christmas toys for the same seven years and counting. For more information about Toys For Tots, you can visit the website for their Flint division by clicking here.

We're Proud Sponsors of Flint's Tour de Crim

Matrix Expedited has been proud to sponsor the Tour de Crim event for two years in a row. Crim is an organization devoted to improving the nation’s health and fitness, and theirTour de Crim is a group of events such as races and marathons on foot and on bike. These events are just one way the organization tries to increase the health of our communities. For more information about Crim, you can click here to visit their website.

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